Virtualization Benefits and Services for Your Milwaukee Company

Virtualization Solutions: Improve Server Performance and Utilization

Virtualization provides a full set of new options for your systems by allowing you to seamlessly move your operating environments from one hardware platform to another on the fly. This allows you to use the appropriate resources allocated to the appropriate services at any time.

What is Virtualization Technology?

Server Virtualization involves the ‘abstracting’ of your operating systems and environments from the hardware. What that translates to is that any hardware upgrade, modification, or replacement you make need not affect your application functionality in the slightest. Your entire operating environment is portable, redundant, copyable, and recoverable, on any compatible hardware. Further, you can pool hardware resources, such as memory or CPU cycles, to the appropriate task or application, at the appropriate time, for the appropriate needs.

What are the benefits of Virtualization?

Virtualization allows you to run a variety of operating systems simultaneously, launch applications in their own protected work environment, and create sandboxes to safely test out and deploy applications without the overhead of rebuilding your entire system in each instance.

We are up-to-date in a variety of virtualization platforms, at the hardware level and at the OS level. TBJ Consulting can perform both server virtualization and software virtualization in the Milwaukee area. We utilize technology from a variety of vendors, ensuring you are always running the most effective virtualization solutions, tailored to your specific needs and potential benefit. We help you choose which configuration is best — either under the OS layer or above it — offering you the perfect balance of cost, flexibility, and performance.

Virtualization services can help your Milwaukee business by offering:

  • Load Balancing for distributing large server jobs to multiple hardware resources.
  • Rapid disaster recovery and solid prevention of loss through redundant images of operating environments and data.
  • Sandboxed operating environments for each application, preventing conflicts from arising when buddying two or more separate applications into the same environment.
  • Consolidated Resources and Pooled Workloads increase server utilization to achieve greater performance with fewer resources.
  • Reduced Energy Requirements The sharing and pooling of resources from virtualization reduces power costs and environmental footprint.
  • Virtualization Management to keep everything running smoothly.

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