Palo Alto Firewall Installation Services in Southeast Wisconsin

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TBJ Consulting provides the engineering resources you will need for a successful installation of your Palo Alto Networks next generation application based firewall.

The Palo Alto firewall is truly a next generation firewall, providing:

  • Advanced Application identification
  • Anti-virus scanning of traffic
  • Threat prevention
  • User Identification with integration to Active Directory.

TBJ Consulting will ensure you are receiving the full benefit of your investment in the Palo Alto firewall.

Services We Provide

  • Firewall Design meeting to determine the best methodology
  • Review of Exciting Firewall rule base
  • Firewall engineer on-site to install and complete the Palo Alto implementation
  • Setup of rule sets using Applications instead of ports
  • Integration to Microsoft Active Directory
  • Setup of URL filtering
  • Setup of Reporting
  • Documentation and Knowledge Transfer
  • Project close meeting with our Project manager
  • Project management from start to Finish to ensure success.

Scope of Services Provided

  • Project management and system engineering in the project plan
  • Includes up two 2 days of onsite engineering
  • Includes the installation and configuration of the PAN Agent
  • Includes up to 50 rules
  • Includes up to 10 VPN Tunnels.

Delivery Method

  • Project Management Kick-Off Meeting
  • Firewall Design and Implementation Plan Creation
  • On-site or remote installation
  • Transfer of Knowledge
  • Project Management Close Meeting

TBJ Consulting has extensive knowledge working with Palo Alto Networks next generation firewall. Let us help you get your Southeast Wisconsin business network protected!