shield-firewallWhat Is TBJ Shield Managed Firewall Services?

Our firewall service provides a fully managed firewall for a flat monthly fee — no complicated pricing tables or confusing rates. All changes and moves are included. Plus you get an automatic daily update of current threats and viruses.

What Is a Firewall Management?

A managed firewall includes a combination of software and hardware that prevents unauthorized access to and from a network.

On a home network, a simple program might handle the task. But with your Jefferson business, you need to ensure your data is secure and protected. With multiple users and computers accessing the network, a managed firewall keeps your network secure – without distracting you from focusing on your business.

What We Do?

We will begin buy auditing your network for security vulnerabilities. Then build a firewall customized to your Jefferson business’s needs. Once its implemented, we can manage all areas of the firewall remotely, including necessary maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. 24/7 monitoring keeps your business secure around the clock.

Whats Included:

  • On Demand Reporting VIA a Secure Portal
  • Virus and Threat Prevention
  • Website URL Filtering
  • Active Directory Integration
  • VPN support for Windows, MAC OS, IPADS
  • Weekly Reports
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Blocking of Latest Internet Attacks
  • Configuration Backup and Archiving
  • Yearly External Security Assessment
  • All configuration changes and firewall updates are included
  • Protection against spyware and malware

Additional security can be implemented, including application filtering, and spyware and malware protection.

To get started, sign up here or contact us at or at 262-373-9070.

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