Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses in the Beloit Area

Disaster Recovery Plans for Businesses

The US Bureau of Labor estimates that the vast majority of companies — up to 93% of them — end up out of business within 5 years of losing their critical data. Will your business in the Beloit area be able to survive a major disaster such as flooding, a tornado or a fire burning down your building? While you might believe it will never happen to you for the above scenarios, the question you need to ask yourself is “Am I prepared to deal with the accidental file deletion? What if I spill liquid on my laptop?” In reality, the majority of disasters are small to minor in scale and most companies are unprepared to deal with even the small scenarios.

TBJ Has a Data Backup Solution and Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Beloit Business Needs

We’ve mapped out hundreds of conceivable scenarios and contingency plans in advance. While we offer a wide variety of tools to ensure that lost data or disrupted systems are quickly restored, our primary goal is ensuring that preventative measures are in place in advance. We audit your environment to ensure that you are in a safe, secure, redundant position. We create a solid road-map for handling disasters no matter what happens.

TBJ Consulting Offers the Following Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions:

  • Business Function Maintenance in Disaster – We offer a variety of contingency plans to ensure your business is able to function no matter what disaster strikes.
  • Data Backup and Data Recovery Solutions – We ensure your mission-critical data files are 100% secure and backed up.
  • Redundancy – We ensure at all levels your systems are safe from any one single point of failure.
  • Documentation – We provide full and thorough documentation of what’s in place, what to do, and who to contact in case of any disaster, major or minor.

TBJ Consulting combines data backup, data recovery, planning, prevention, and protection solutions to make sure your business survives no matter what disaster might come your way. Let us safeguard your small to medium business in Beloit against disasters that could put you out of business.

To assess your company’s disaster recovery and data backup plan,  Contact TBJ Consulting

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