Security Tips with Captain Security


When is the last time you reviewed your firewall logs? You should really consider reviewing your firewall logs at least monthly, if not weekly! Reviewing your firewall logs are a good way to baseline what traffic is typical in your firewall environment and make it easier to determine when you are under attack.


Most firewall’s have some sort of web filter these days. I have seen numerous companies who do not take advantage of the built in Web Filter. At a minimum you should filter out malware, spyware and malicious web sites. I would also suggest you filter out advertisements as I have seen viruses come from online advertisements. It is built in and typically just a few clicks to configure.


Why? Most mobile devices hide the link of where you are going. The link you are clicking on could be a scam or someone phishing for information. The phishing and scam attacks against mobile devices are on the rise, so don’t click on embedded links in emails.


You need to view the Internet as a Novel that everyone can see, not a diary. People who do not know you might find your webpage. If you want the information to be restricted, the Internet is not the place for it. Even with a password, sometimes search engines or others might find the Information and view it. Also remember once you post something you cannot take it back. You can delete it but it might always be there.


If you do online banking and have online brokerage accounts, you should dedicate a computer to use for these functions. You should only use that computer for banking sites and you should disable JavaScript and anything else you don’t need. Only use that computer for banking. You can also do the same thing with Web Browsers if you want. Have two Web Browsers installed on your machine and only use one of them to access banking.


I have talked about this before, but I will do it again. You should have different passwords for different websites. A website such as Facebook should have a different password from a banking site. Sites such as Amazon and Apple such also have different passwords. Why? Crackers, scammers can use sites such as Facebook and even email to get your password. Once they have it, they will attempt to access additional sites. Also, make sure you are changing your password for your banking sites at least every 90 days.


Social networking is all of the rage these days and it is useful to stay in touch or network with others, but it also has a security ramification. A hacker can use social networking to figure out an organization’s structure. They can then use this information to perform a social engineering attack to gain access to sensitive information. If you are going to use social media, make sure you understand who you are friending and be careful with information that you are putting out on the Internet.


When is the last time that you did an audit on your file security? I have walked into places to perform a migration and discovered that the security on files was set to allow anyone to access them or people had more rights than what was needed. Most people setup the file shares and once they are setup do not review them unless a problem exists. I have seen software and third parties modify permissions and cause issues. My recommendation is to do a yearly review on permissions.


Most everyone changes the Windows Domain or computer password, but what about your router’s and firewall’s? These passwords also need to be changed periodically. You should at least be changing them yearly, if not every six months. A better approach is to integrate these devices with Directory services so the password will change when your computer password changes. If you do that approach, you can make a very secure admin password that only a few know.


Recently, I was browsing a local newspaper and it attempted to give me a virus. I have numerous clients who had a virus problem until I proposed a solution. Block advertising at the firewall. Why? Third parties are offering the advertisements and they do not always check to ensure that they are legitimate. Do yourself a favor, block advertisements at the firewall.