Security Tips with Captain Security


If you are running a wireless network you should not be running WEP or even WPA. Both have been proven very easy to crack and are insecure. You should at least be running WPA2. You should also turn off your SSID and not publish it. While this will not prevent someone from finding it, it makes it a bit more difficult.  Contact TBJ Consulting if you would like more Information.


If your hard drive on your laptop computer contains sensitive data, it should be encrypted. If you are running Windows 7 Enterprise or ultimate, you can use the bit locker. The other thing you can do, is utilize a product called truecrypt. Truecrypt allows you to encrypt a certain location or an entire volume.

If you have sensitive information, you should be using truecrypt. Truecrypt can  found at


If you are like me, you have numerous passwords to keep track of and have a difficult time remembering them all. I have been using a program for my passwords that works well. It is called password safe. It is a password vault that is encrypted. You can put your usernames and passwords in it or have it generate passwords for you. You only need to remember a master password to get into the vault. You can find the program here


Recently, I had someone put some information that was not true on the Internet about me. How did I find it? Google Alerts. Google Alerts allows you to email you if it finds terms. You can put your name or your companies name and find out if someone is putting information out on the Internet. It is a handy tool to keep tabs on what is happening on the Internet.


Social Engineering is an easy way for someone to gain personal information. Do you get emails from co-workers or family asking you’re for a password? Before your send that password considers the request could be from someone who has compromised their account. You should never send passwords in an email. The same goes if someone asks you for personal information over the phone. Make sure you know who the person is before you provide the information.


You do have a virus scanner and have it up to date? This may seem like a simple security item, but it is very important. A virus scanner is a very important part of your system security. You need to make sure that is updated. Some great free anti-virus exists, such as AVG, so you have no reason not to keep your virus scanner updated.


Opendns (, provides a very good service. OpenDNS can provide some basic web filtering. They also have servers that prevent access to spyware and malware sites. They also provide a more advanced service that allows for category based web filtering. Open DNS is a simple cheap and effective way to provide some basic web filtering.


This week I received a twitter message saying someone was saying something bad amount me. Well it was a way for someone to collect my password. They also had access to my twitter account. I went against what I tell people not to do. Do not click on links from Facebook or twitter. They could be someone trying to gain your password. The stupid thing on my part is the URL did not look correct. Take it from a security expert; do not click on links from email.


Have you sat down and discussed with your Kids about the Internet? You should really have that discussion. You should also have a set of rules you place by the computer and make sure they understand the rules. You should also use DNS servers such as open DNS. Open DNS will prevent you from going to malware sites. You can also sign up for the advanced features of open DNS and do some basic URL Filtering.


Are you careful with what you put on your social networks? What is put out can be used against you. For example, recently an HP executive put plans about a cloud computing initiative that was not supposed to be public. Before he discovered it was disclosed, others had already downloaded it. Information can also be used to social engineer information about you. Be careful about what you put on Social Networks and be careful of who you friend.