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Hackers New Target — Ads

Hackers are exploiting a weakness in Internet security, ad makers and sellers that target user’s online browsing habits. Recently, Yahoo displayed and advertisement that contained malicious malware to European for at least one week. Additional high traffic websites have had malicious code injected into their display ads, newspapers, blogs and Dailymotion, a popular destination for […]

Wireless Network Security

Most businesses these days are using wireless networks, but for most small to medium business they are not secure. The first item is get rid of WEP, use WPA2 encryption only. It is the most secure and least likely to be hacked. Along with that, you should have a strong password for WPA2. You should […]

Palo Alto Wildfire Service

Wildfire is a service from Palo Alto Networks that can evaluate files to see if they contain malware. At the firewall you configure what you want to have send to the Wildfire network and it will execute it on a Virtual XP machine in the cloud. If it happens to find something that looks like […]

Can Apple Macs Get Viruses?

A very common misconception is that Apple products cannot get viruses.  That is not true! Devices running OS X, Windows, and Linux, Android or any other operating system are all capable of being infected with a virus or other malware. Apple Macintosh has a lower change of getting a virus than a Windows users.  Many […]

Ruckus Wireless

I have been testing Ruckus wireless for about 2 months in my house and I am very happy with it. I have been looking for a great wireless product for my clients that is easy to manage and includes options for BYOD and guest access. Ruckus has both covered. They have a guest portal that […]


I recently did a conference at GIPAW. Click here to view the presentation files, and learn everything you need to know about BYOD and High Density Wireless.

Is It Time To Disable Java

Java has been the source of numerous security vulnerabilities as of late.  The question is, is it time to disable Java? A flashback Trojan breached Macintosh computers. You should disable Java in your web browser if you can. If you need to use Java for certain applications, you should  run an updated Java in that […]

Windows Server 2012 Core

Windows Server has had the ability to install only the core features, it is not something that I have done as I have not found it useful. With the release of Server 2012, I can see the value in installing core only. The first server i would install core only is on Domain Controllers.  Why? […]