Category: Network Security

Is Anti-Virus Dead?

  Symantec just stated that Ant-Virus is dead. That is a very bold statement, one that I happen not to agree with. The better statement would have been is Anti-Virus is not very effective or is not the only tool needed to maintain a security posture. While Anti-Virus is not catching the most current attacks […]

Hackers New Target — Ads

Hackers are exploiting a weakness in Internet security, ad makers and sellers that target user’s online browsing habits. Recently, Yahoo displayed and advertisement that contained malicious malware to European for at least one week. Additional high traffic websites have had malicious code injected into their display ads, newspapers, blogs and Dailymotion, a popular destination for […]

Is It Time To Disable Java

Java has been the source of numerous security vulnerabilities as of late.  The question is, is it time to disable Java? A flashback Trojan breached Macintosh computers. You should disable Java in your web browser if you can. If you need to use Java for certain applications, you should  run an updated Java in that […]

Debit Cards Online

If you shop online, you want to make sure that you are using a credit card instead of a debit card to protect your bank account from online attacks and scammers. The advantage your credit card has over your debit card is you only have a $50 loss if it is stolen and most times […]