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Blog Reboot

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more consistent with blogging in 2020 and to redesign the TBJ Website to support that effort. I can check one resolution off of my list as I have completed the website redesign. I will judge how I did blogging at the end of 2020. The TBJ […]

Block Files Extensions On The Firewall

Block Files Extensions On The Firewall An easy win to help prevent malware, spyware and crypto ware into your environment is blocking dangerous file extension on your firewall. Most modern firewalls offer the ability to block file extensions. Most modern firewalls offer the ability to create a list of file extensions you do not want […]

IT Security Focusing On What’s Important

If you are like most in the information technology (IT) security field, you are inundated with alerts, systems that need patching and investigating bogus emails. To be successful, you need to have a hyper focus on what’s important. Patching When you perform vulnerability scans and you manage a large number of systems, you are not […]

Is Anti-Virus Dead?

  Symantec just stated that Ant-Virus is dead. That is a very bold statement, one that I happen not to agree with. The better statement would have been is Anti-Virus is not very effective or is not the only tool needed to maintain a security posture. While Anti-Virus is not catching the most current attacks […]

Hackers Focusing on Small Businesses

Hackers are always looking for an easy target to gain access to their targets. I recently attended a presentation by the FBI and they have seen a rise in activity against small to medium businesses. Who is easier to attack, a big corporation like Target or a small HVAC contractor?? I hear small business owner’s […]

Meeting Wireless Demand Are You Prepared?

 Demand for wireless access is expected to soar this year and beyond. Analysts have predicted an increase of 300% in wireless demand in your organization. The question is are you ready for it? Expanding Your Coverage Your locations more than likely have some wireless coverage, but they will have a hard time keeping up to […]