Author: James

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device to Work)

How many of you have heard of BYOD? It stands for bring yourown device to work and it is starting to catch on in the corporate world. Whydo you ask? With the explosion of mobile devices it is cheaper and at timeseasier to allow your employee’s to connect their own device to your network,but you […]

Moving to the Cloud

These days everyone is talking about or discussing thecloud. The cloud has been around for a long time. It is really just hostedcomputing. That hosting can be anything from applications, email or the entirecomputing environment. Since this has been around for a while, you do not need tofear it, just plan for it. Some applications […]

Your Companies Biggest Security Risk Part 2

This is the second article on this subject. The last article described some examples of hackers targeting certain employee’s. Spies, hackers and others use what is called socialengineering to manipulate people into revealing confidential information. Thesetypes obtain this information after a careful reconnaissance on the victim theyare targeting. We make ourselves easy targets by posting […]

8 Tips to Improve Your Network Security

A Guideline for Businesses to Protect and Secure Your Network Assets [check_list] Apply all security patches to software. Lockdown or harden your Internet Firewall’s rulebase. Harden Internal and External Systems by disabling or removing unnecessary services. Perform annual security audits on your network. Audit user access. Follow the practice of “least privilege.” Protect your mail […]

Cloud Computing

I just started another company, TBJ consulting and my goal when starting it was to see if I could start a company using entirely cloud computing. The answer is I was able to do it. The first thing I needed to do was establish a domain name. I did this with go daddy. It was […]

Starting a New Company

This is my first post as TBJ Consulting. I sold my old Business JSO Technology LLC and started a new one called TBJ Counsulting. I must say it is much easier the second time to start a business, you have a good idea on what needs to be completed. It about 3 hours I had […]