• “The service is always prompt, helpful, and to the point. Lots of other vendors require you to fill out a PO, get a formal Statement of Work, and approve it internally and at the place providing the service. This takes lots of time. TBJ can have the problem identified, verified, and fixed before any of the paperwork would ever get processed for some of our other service type vendors. TBJ tries to keep us ahead of the curve in terms of trends, not just selling or getting us into whatever is hot at the moment.”
    - Roland Welsch Jefferson County MIS
  • “I feel confident in any recommendations that TBJ Consulting gives me. It is nice to work with someone who is extremely knowledgeable and does not act condescending or make me feel ignorant. All of the projects have been completed successfully and on time. There is never a delay in getting a project started.”
    - Cyndi Shipshock Glenroy
  • “During installation of the Nimble expansion cage and VMWare replication setup, TBJ didn’t just come in and complete the install, they provided education on the setup and steps to complete the migration, so we could do a lot of the work ourselves. The education provided also helps us support the systems on our own.”
  • “The biggest benefit of using TBJ is peace of mind that our systems will be available and secure. Between scheduled project work and our annual security review, TBJ helps ensure our business is not impacted by outages and security breaches.”