Blog Reboot

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more consistent with blogging in 2020 and to redesign the TBJ Website to support that effort.

I can check one resolution off of my list as I have completed the website redesign. I will judge how I did blogging at the end of 2020.

The TBJ Consulting website was created when I was operating my consulting business full time. I stepped out of consulting and I took a full time job, so most of what was on this website was not relevant, dated and did not make sense.

Most of the website and blog posts were based on providing information about my business and also to help generate new business as a business will die without new prospects and sales funnel.

Since generating new business and keeping clients informed about TBJ Consulting is no longer my focus or the focus of this site, I am going to start posting about some of the technology challenges that I have faced and how I solved them. I have done a poor job over the years of sharing what I have learned and have leveraged the work of others to solve problems. this is my attempt to give back to the technology community.

I am also going to blog on my thoughts on cybersecurity and how to better protect you import assets, data and people.

Finally, I need to become better with the written word. I spent three years terrorizing my middle school English teacher with my middle school friends and it is save to say that at the time I thought it was fun/funny, it cost me. I still struggle with nouns verbs, spelling and sentence structure. My current place of employment has numerous experts in the written word and it has forced my hand to become a much better writer and to think before I hit send an email and to spell check and proof read. (Both of which I sucked at, I was always in the camp of speed and efficiency over accuracy and style.)

I hope you find what I post useful and have a healthy and happy 2020.

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