Block Files Extensions On The Firewall

Block Files Extensions On The Firewall

An easy win to help prevent malware, spyware and crypto ware into your environment is blocking dangerous file extension on your firewall. Most modern firewalls offer the ability to block file extensions.

Most modern firewalls offer the ability to create a list of file extensions you do not want to allow and they tie that list to a rule. What I like to do to provide flexibility if you need to make exceptions, is to add user identification to the firewall rule along with URL categories. The reason I do that is it provides the flexibility to allow the ability to download files from trusted or allowed URL categories.

Why do I do that? Certain applications such as WebEx or GoToMeeting require you to download an exe if you want to join a meeting, you can allow that category so you are not busy creating and maintaining URL whitelist.

Once you have this implemented, you will find that your machines affected with viruses will go down and your virus scanner will generally find less infections.

Putting this in place is relatively easy and it will save in support costs and time in the long run. If you have not done this already, I highly recommend that you look at implementing it on your firewall’s.

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