March-April 2014

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reliableDRReliableDR for VMWARE

Unitrends is a product I have been working with for quite some time. They have just purchased a product called PHD Virtual and it has some exciting features and functions.

I believe the most exciting product and feature is ReliableDR for VMWARE. ReliableDR integrates with your SAN provider and leverages SAN snapshots to automate disaster recovery in a remote location. You select the virtual machines you would like to protect and where the SAN snapshots are located. This product can also automate changing IP addresses at a remote location so it can make your recovery much faster. You can setup a schedule to test Disaster Recovery and have different recovery points along with proof that the recovery has worked correctly. You can even provide these reports to auditors to prove that you are compliant.

If you are looking for a product that will help automate your disaster recovery at an affordable price, feel free to contact me at or call 262-373-9070.

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small_business_targetHackers Focusing on Small Businesses

Hackers are always looking for an easy way to gain access to their targets. I recently attended a presentation by the FBI and they have seen a rise in activity against small to medium businesses. Who is easier to attack – a big corporation like Target or a small HVAC contractor?? I often hear small business owners state ‘What would they want with me?’ If you stop and think about it, it could be a lot, even using you to gain access to one of your client’s networks.

Hackers are looking for jumping-off points to attack other networks. A big corporate network might block China and Russia from accessing their network. A small business typically cannot afford the same security program as a large business.

Another point of entry is email with phishing attacks or websites that are streaming advertisements to you. You should really make sure that you have a good email filter to help prevent these types of attacks.

A few things you can do to protect yourself is make sure you have a next generation and UTM firewall. This will have web filtering and some intrusion detection and prevention build into it. It will also have logging enabled so you can monitor your internet connection. If you review your logs, you can determine what regular vs. irregular traffic is is.

Another step is to have someone else monitor your firewall. This would allow you to have an expert help you better secure your network.

Just remember: you are not too small to be attacked.

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Captain Security

To all of you Captain Security fans, we have released two captain security adventures! Find Captain Security in Next Generation Firewall’s and Detecting Advanced Persistent Threats. If you are interested in any of these solutions, feel free to contact or call 262-373-9070.



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Wireless Network Security

Most businesses these days are using wireless networks. But for most small to medium businesses, they are not secure. Here’s a few tips to secure your network:

  1. Get rid of WEP; use WPA2 encryption only. It is the most secure and least likely to be hacked. Along with that, you should have a strong password for WPA2.
  2. Avoid an SSID with ‘TBJNetwork’, or in your case, your own name. It identifies who you are and can make you a target.
  3. Disable WPS. WPS is an easy way to add new devices, but its very insecure and an easy way for you to get hacked.
  4. Finally, if you want to allow guests to connect, setup a guest network. This will allow for guests to connect to your wireless network securely.

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macbook-airProduct of the Month – Apple MacBook Air

I was recently looking for a device that was light, reliable and easy to use. I looked at the MacBook Air and it fit the bill. It is very light so it works well on airplanes, to carry around, read books and browse the internet. It even has a very nice display for watching movies!

I also like that the Mac seems to be a bit more immune to viruses than a PC.

Finally, upgrading the OS on a Mac is very easy – you download it from the App Store, reboot the computer, and everything seems to work well. If you are looking for a light, reliable device, the MacBook Air is for you.

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Upcoming Event

unitrends-DaveAndBustersThe Future Is Now for Instant Recovery, Data Backup and Cloud Recovery

Come enjoy lunch with us along with our Technical Presentation, which includes a live demonstration and focus on both Backup and Recovery and the need to have a multi-layered solution.

Every attendee will receive:
• a game card,
• time to play chip games,
• AND unlimited video games!
• PLUS a chance to win one of 2 $50 Visa Gift Card giveaways!

Date: May 7, 2014 from 11:00am – 2:00pm
Price: FREE
Type: Lunch-n-Learn and PLAY

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iPad Mini GiveawayWin an iPad Mini

We at TBJ are looking to grow our business and we would like to enlist your help in finding clients who might benefit from our services.  For any qualified leads that result in a meeting, you will be entered into a quarterly drawing to win an iPad Mini. Our best leads come from referrals and we would like to reward you.

If you know of someone that you network with that could benefit from our services, use the form below or email us at


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future-techTechnology for the Future

I recently attended a conference for IT business owners and one of my favorite presentations was “Technology for the Future.”

Think about the technology changes within the past ten years in cars. You have computers that can diagnosis everything in your car and even email or text you when a problem exists. There are even cars that come wired for the internet!

Think about books. In the past ten years ebooks have become very popular. Instead of going to a book store, you can download a book any time you like.

Even TV’s have changed. You can connect your TV to the internet to watch shows. You don’t even need cable or satellite to watch TV.

It makes you think what the future will hold. One thing we can count on is more devices being connected and those devices becoming easier to use.

Look at how many Kmart’s have closed. They have been replaced by Amazon. Who needs to go to the store when you can order everything from the comfort of your house?

I do believe the day will come where you will not have to go to the store to get food. Your refrigerator will order the food automatically for you. I also believe that at some point your phone (or some sort of device) will contain your ‘money’ and you will not need to carry cash or credit cards around. We are starting to see some of that already.

One thing you can count on is the rate of change seems to be accelerating. I think the next ten years will be very interesting.

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