Hackers Focusing on Small Businesses

Hackers are always looking for an easy target to gain access to their targets. I recently attended a presentation by the FBI and they have seen a rise in activity against small to medium businesses. Who is easier to attack, a big corporation like Target or a small HVAC contractor?? I hear small business owner’s state that what would they want with me? If you stop and think it could be a lot. It could even be to use you to gain access to one of your client’s networks.

Hackers are also looking for jumping off points to attack other networks. A big corporate network might block China and Russia from accessing there network. A small business typically cannot afford the same security program as a large business.

Another point of entry is email with phishing attacks or websites that are streaming advertisements to you. You should really make sure that you have a good email filter to help prevent these type of attacks.

A few things you can do to protect yourself is make sure you have a next generation and UTM firewall, this will have web filtering and some Intrusion detection and prevention build into it. It will also have logging enabled so you can monitor your Internet connection. If you review your logs you can determine  what is regular vs irregular traffic is.

Another step is to have someone else monitor your firewall. This would allow you to have an expert help you better secure your network. They can monitor your firewall and notify you if anything seems to be incorrect.

Just remember, you are not too small to be attacked.

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