Local Computer Consulting Company Partners With Wireless Service Product provider

Source: TBJ Consulting LLC
Dated: Mar. 24, 2014

TBJ Consulting has expanded its vendor services by debuting new wireless solutions courtesy of Ruckus Wireless.

EAGLE, Wis. — Telecommunication just a lot easier thanks to the new match up with TBJ Consulting and Ruckus Wireless. As a way to better support and assist the growing client-based owner, James has begun providing greater connectivity and high performance featuring Ruckus products. Whether the location demands are in a school, apartment complex, hospital or dorm, TBJ Consulting will now be able to meet even the highest consumption demands with Ruckus indoor and outdoor Zoneflex wireless LAN devices, Wi-Fi management and app controls.

Ruckus prides them on being “pioneer focused” in an effort to build the next generation of Smart Wireless LAN systems. Ruckus manufactures and markets Smart Wi-Fi products directly to broadband services providers and Smart WLAN systems indirectly to enterprise customers, like TBJ Consulting. With an estimated workload of over $200 million dollars, it’s no surprise that Ruckus Wireless has worked with several major telecommunication service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable. TBJ Consulting will be offering these services and products to the greater Wisconsin area, as well as those in Northern Illinois.

Founded in 2011, Owner James Oryszczyn provides clients with a variety of computer and networking solutions for both individuals and companies alike. With a vast knowledge of network design, security, and auditing services, he is able to boost his client’s current technology. James has over two decades of experience in various areas of IT, and has multiple IT certifications. He operates TBJ Consulting under the slogan “Services With a Smile.”

james@tbjconsulting.comFor media inquiries regarding TBJ Consulting LLC’S latest partnership with Ruckus Wireless, individuals are encouraged to contact Owner, James Oryszczyn directly at 262-373-9070 or via email at . To learn more, please visit: www.tbjconsulting.com

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