Wireless Network Security – 4 Tips

Most businesses these days are using wireless networks. But for most small to medium business they are not secure. Here’s a few tips to secure your network:

  1. Get rid of WEP; use WPA2 encryption only. It is the most secure and least likely to be hacked. Along with that, you should have a strong password for WPA2.
  2. Avoid an SSID with ‘TBJNetwork’, or in your case, your own name. It identifies who you are and can make you a target.
  3. Disable WPS. WPS is an easy way to add new devices, but it is very insecure and an easy way for you to get hacked.
  4. Finally, if you want to allow guests to connect, setup a guest network. This will allow for a secure way for guests to connect to your wireless network.

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