Palo Alto Wildfire Service

Wildfire is a service from Palo Alto Networks that can evaluate files to see if they contain malware. At the firewall you configure what you want to have send to the Wildfire network and it will execute it on a Virtual XP machine in the cloud. If it happens to find something that looks like malware, it will notify you.

This service works well, I have had clients use it and discover malware on there network even before a virus definition has discovered it.

It is very easy to configure, you just tell it which files you want to send up and it will send them up to be analyzed. The files need to be 2MB or less.

In the 5.0 code they have a subscription you can subscribe too that updates every few hours with the latest threats.

It is a very cool service that is easy to enable

If you want to learn more about wildfire, read about it here, Wildfire.

If you want help configuring it, feel free to contact me at

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