Bring your Own Device (BYOD) and the mobile revolution are you ready?

BYOD is a term that it tossed around quite a bit as of late as a way to save money or give end users freedom to choose the platform they want to use. Before you believe all of the hype you need to consider a few items.

The first item to consider is the platforms you are going to support. You can purchase $80 tablets, are you really going to support that with your BYOD efforts? You should really provide a list of platforms that are supported so you can save your employee’s headaches.

The second item that you need to consider is how are you going to support those BYOD devices? Since you don’t own them are you going to send time supporting the device or arrange for someone else to support the device?

Applications, you need to consider how you are going to get the applications to the different platforms. You will need to find something that will render the applications to support Phones, tablets, Mac OSX. Currently, software such as Citrix XENServer, 2x Software, Mokiafive provide this type of support.

Finally, network connectivity and security is a large concern. Since you do not control the device, how are you going to secure it? The best answer is to not allow them on to your production network. You will need some way to segment these devices off from the regular network.

This is just a short list of many to consider when deploying BYOD.

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