Are You Planning for BYOD???? Read This to get some helpful hints

I have numerous clients that are looking at BYOD with one in the initial deployment stages. Before you get to far down the BYOD path, a few things to consider.

  • Policies and Procedures – You need to define what type of devices are going to be supported. You also need to define who is responsible for supporting what, you do not want your IT staff fixing the hardware of BYOD. You also need to define if you are going to reimburse your employee’s for bring your own device. There are numerous items to consider when creating your policies, but this needs to be the first step of any BYOD program.


  • Wireless – Most wireless networks where not designed for a capacity model, it was more for a coverage model. So if you are planning on going heavily into BYOD, you will need to review your wireless network. You will want to make sure it can handle devices in the 2.4 GHZ range and the 5 GHZ range. You will also want to make sure your wireless network can ensure air time fairness, ensuring that everyone has equal time on the wireless network.


  • Applications – How are you going to get people to Applications is an important question? Devices such as IPADS/Android tablets do not support Windows Applications natively. You will need to either have Virtual Desktops or use an application delivery service such as Citrix or 2X software. Either one of these tools will work well for you.


  1. MDM – Are you going to deploy a Mobile Device Management software? With devices such as APPLE IPADS and IPhone getting easy access to corporate email, you will want something to secure that corporate data. Some of the Mobile Device management software programs gives you the ability to secure the corporate data part of the device while allowing for the user to continue to use his/her personal applications. You can even wipe the corporate data while leaving the personal data alone.


BYOD can be a great way to allow people to bring their own device and allow them to work from anywhere with that device. But the planning part of BYOD is very important and make sure that you are not forgetting about it.

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