New Vendor Partnership Between TBJ Consulting LLC and Nimble Storage

Eagle, Wisconsin, April 15th, 2013 – A new vendor partnership between TBJ Consulting LLC and Nimble Storage has been announced today. As a result of this partnership, the TBJ Consulting can now offer a new storage solution which has developed a new approach with the CASL architecture.

The patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture is where Nimble Storage solutions are built on. CASL differs from the traditional bolt-on approach of using flash as a tier. Instead, CASL is designed from the ground up as a hybrid solution to leverage the lightning fast random read performance of flash and the cost-effective capacity of hard disk drives. CASL also incorporates innovative efficiency features such as inline variable-block compression, cloning and integrated snapshots, to store and serve more data in less space, as well as accelerate applications and protect more data.

“This solution is very easy to implement and manage. This solution also makes a robust backup solution with the ability to keep 90 days of backups on the box. It is a great fit for our clients and we are very pleased to be able to offer them such a storage solution”, states TBJ Consulting President James Oryszczyn.

About TBJ Consulting LLC

TBJ Consulting LLC is an Information Technology consulting firm with special expertise in providing business in all industries, including government, legal, manufacturing, and so on. TBJ Consulting provides solutions on information security, data backup, managed services, disaster recovery solutions and virtualization solutions.

Other services provided are network consulting & design, cloud services, Palo Alto Firewall installation services, Microsoft Office Live 365 and IT Business Coaching.

Operating in the Milwaukee area, TBJ Consultants have IT certifications from some of the leading vendors in the industry, such as Fortinet FSAE, CISSP, SANS security and others. For more information about TBJ Consulting LLC, visit

About Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage was founded and is run by industry veterans responsible for ground-breaking technologies and architectures around primary storage, backup storage and data protection. Nimble Storage has developed a tight-knit culture of innovation focused on changing the data storage game, taking a unique, bottom-up approach to reinventing how the data for next-generation datacenter applications is stored, served and protected.

Nimble Storage has offices in Australia, Germany and United Kingdom, with their headquarters in San Jose, California, United States. For more information, visit

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