March 2013

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server-virtualization5 Tips for Server Virtualization

One of the hottest technology trends among businesses and IT departments has been server virtualization. The common reason for server virtualization is to get better utilization of your servers, high availability and possibly cost savings.

Here are a few tips on server virtualization for small to medium businesses:

  1. You do not need to virtualize everything at once – It is tempting to virtualize everything at one time, a better approach might be to pick a server that might need an upgrade such as an aging file server or email server and start to develop a plan.
  2. Make sure your application is compatible– Not all applications are compatible or supported with virtualization. You do not want to move an application that is not compatible or supported, It could cause you to lose  support from your vendor and could cause downtime
  3. Make sure you Pick a Good SAN – Storage has come down in price, but you still need a SAN that is supported by your virtualization vendor and also has support for SNAPSHOT’s. SNAPSHOT’s allow you to make a copy of your data and store it on the SAN. SAN’s with newer technology can keep up to 900 snapshots.
  4. Make sure you work with Virtualization Specialist – You want to make sure that pick someone who has competed this work before. A temptation exists to attempt to do this sort of project by yourself, but a big risk exists where you could mess up
  5. Make sure you have backups – Some people think that with virtualization, you do not need backups. You do, make sure that your existing backup solution will support backing up the virtual servers.

Are you considering a Virtualization project? Contact us and we can discuss possible solutions.

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Exchange 2013

Microsoft has released Exchange 2013, but before you rush to upgrade you have a few things to consider.

The first thing to consider is as of this date in March, Exchange 2013 is not backwards compatible to Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010. That means it can only be installed in brand new environment. A service release upgrade is coming that will allow for migrations.

The second item that you need to consider is native RPC is gone. The only way to connect to Exchange 2013 is over http. They did this to allow for Exchange to better keep track of connections and for a better experience with load balancers. You also do not have to worry about a using a fully qualified domain name as its endpoint. Exchange 2013 uses a mailbox GUID and a UPN suffix for its endpoint.

The other change you need to consider is connecting programs such as Good and also Blackberry enterprise. They typically use what is called MAPI CDO. With exchange 2013 you will need a MAPI CDO that supports the RPC over http, which is currently not released. This is also the last release that will support a MAPI/CDO.

Finally, the roles have changed once again. You have only two roles. A Client access (CAS) role and a mailbox role. The CAS role is just a proxy to the mailbox server for both client requests and also for SMTP.

Before jumping into Exchange 2013, make sure that you consider the changes.

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Upcoming Event – Exchange 2013

Learn about the enhancements and new features of Exchange 2013.

DATE: April 4th, 2013
TIME: 9:00 am
LOCATION: 200 S. Executive Drive, Suite 101, Brookfield Wisconsin

Learn More About This Event

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Disable Java

Java has been the source of numerous security vulnerabilities as of late. A flashback Trojan breached Macintosh computers.

You should disable Java in your web browser if you can. If you need to use Java for certain applications, you should updated Java in that browser and either only use that browser for Java enabled websites or only enable it when needed. To find out some more information about this, check out this article on PC Mag:,2817,2414191,00.asp.

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samsung-smart-tvTBJ Gadget of the Month – Samsung Smart TV

I work on a laptop that does not have very much screen space and I was looking at my options. I went to Best Buy and came back with a Samsung smart TV. It has some very nice features. The first is I can connect my laptop to it and display it on a larger screen.

The other nice feature I like is it has built in WIFI and I can stream movies to it from both Amazon and also Netflix. You can also stream music to it to have music while you work.  You can find out about this TV here:

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Visa-Gift-CardWe at TBJ are looking to grow our business and we would like to enlist your help in finding clients who might benefit from our services.  For any qualified leads that result in a meeting, we are willing to send you a $100 dollar gift card. Our best leads come from referrals and we would like to reward you.

If you know of someone that you network with that could benefit from our services, use the form below or email us at

If you have a referral, please enter the details here:

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laptop-coffeeFinal Thoughts – Wireless Networks

With the number of devices that are becoming WIFI enabled, wireless is going to become more important in the coming years. The question is: have you planned for an explosion of wireless devices? Everything from tablets to TV’s are WIFI enabled these days and are requiring more bandwidth. If you are planning for BYOD, you will need to ensure that you are covering your needs.

The first item is to review is your existing wireless solution and see if it will be compatible with some of the newer devices. Your wireless network should be at least 802.11 G capable. You should also make sure that if you are using a controller based environment, your controller will support an upgrade to the most current version.

If you have clients that are configured with WEP or with 802.11b, you need to get rid of the 802.11 b clients and also disable WEP. Why, because both will affect the performance of your wireless networks.

These just a few of the many things to consider. If you are going to experience a device explosion, feel free to contact me at or at 262-373-9070

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