Communication Line Redundancy

One of the items many of my clients have plans for is Backup for their computer systems, what they don’t always think about it communication line backups.
As computer systems are becoming more centralized or moved to some sort of cloud or hosted service, communication lines become much more important. If the office loses its connection, that office basically cannot work.
What I have been doing for the past 4-5 years is helping companies design redundant networks and you can do it fairly cost effectively.
The first think you should consider is if you have some sort of cable or DSL internet available. If you do, you can purchase an inexpensive firewall that has VPN capabilities. You can set it up so that if the primary line goes away, it utilizes the secondary connection.
The second item to consider is the type of connection. If you have T-1 line you more than likely will not want a DSL line. The reason is it will terminate in the same location and if the T-1 line is having issues, the DSL line will more than likely have issues. Chose a different media type and a different provider.
The third item is to make sure you are testing this system. The worst thing that you can do is have a redundant system that fails you when you need it. I would suggest a test at least quarterly to ensure that it is still operational.
Network Monitoring becomes much more important also. You will need to be notified if you have a down line and you are failed over. I have had a few clients over the years not even realize they had failed over. That is a good for avoiding an outage, but not good if you need to get the line fixed.
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