Management of Your Projects

In my business we are always starting and finishing projects. One of the key items to a successfully project is how you manage it. I have seen numerous projects fail not because of some technical error, but because it was poorly management.

The first thing you need to manage a project is a good task list along with who is doing what. This does not have to be a book and can be on a simple piece of paper or even a task in Microsoft Outlook. You can then hold people responsible and also set a timeline.

You also need to set a goal of what you want to accomplish in the project. If you do not have a goal the project might fail as it was not configured to specifications you needed.

You also need to come up with what will be considered a successful project. If you do not have that, how can you determine success or failure of a project?  It is like shooting darts at the dart board.

Finally, you need to make sure the project is completed. Everyone likes to work on new things and never really complete what is started. I have seen a lot of technology projects get to 80 percent and then are never completed. The best companies make sure that they get to 100%.

These are just some very simple observations to help you better manage your next project.


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