Securing Your IPAD

The number of IPAD’s I have seen in use has exploded. Being security minded, I wonder, how secure is your IPAD?

The first and foremost security tip is to make sure you set a passcode on your IPAD. This is very important. This will prevent someone from just picking up your IPAD and browsing the apps or data in those apps. With IOS 5.1, you can have a longer passcode, which is more secure.

Along with the passcode, you should set up your IPAD to erase after 6 passcodes fails. This will prevent someone from trying to attack your IPAD and will protect any sensitive data on it.

If you enable the passcode, you should backup your IPAD. With ICLOUD you get 5 GB of data for free, you can schedule an automatic backup to the ICLOUD.

Finally, the IPAD has a “Find my IPAD”. This allows you to remotely lock or wipe your IPAD. You can also even attempt to locate your IPAD.

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