Processes and Procedures

I figured this would be a good topic to discuss as I feel this is a much overlooked subject for most IT organizations and businesses in general.

In fact, the last business that I ran I at times ignored this key element. Why do you ask are they so important?  It is really two main points I am going to highlight below


This is really key. Without some sort of process and procedure you are going to get different ways and different results doing tasks. While it is ok to vary how you accomplish the task, the end result should look the same. If you just tell someone to go create a user, it might look different than how you do it or want it done. The person who created it is not wrong; you are for not having a process to follow.

It also makes it much easier to hand off items that you do not want to do anymore. If you document your process, you can hand it off and tell someone to follow it. They might have questions, but it will be fewer questions than if you told them to just do it.

As you grow your business or department, it will become much easier to add professional’s and get them functioning much quicker. It will also cut down on the mistakes they make and how much time it takes to train them.

Getting More Done

Once you write the process, you can hand things ok and focus on more productive items. This will allow you and your business and department to get more done. That will get more off of your plate and on to others plates.

Think about it, how many items are you still doing because you did not document it and hand it off to someone else? Was the reason because you did not want to document it? Trust me, it will take some time upfront to document it, but it will save you time in the long run.

Start embracing Standards and Processes, it will allow you to get more done.


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