Online Banking Security

Most people have some sort of account online linked to a financial account. The question is having you thought about security when you access the account?

The first and foremost item is to have a strong password. Do not use a password that is based on the dictionary. Also stay away from anniversary and children’s birthdates.

The second item you want to do is use a separate password for each online financial account. Why? If a password is compromised you will not have to worry about the thief accessing your other accounts.

Never access your bank accounts from a public computer; you never know what is installed on that computer. A key logger could be installed on it. The same goes with public WIFI. Someone could be listening to the traffic and compromise your account.

If you have computers at home, setup a computer that is only for online banking. You can do this using a Virtual machine. If you want to do online banking, you use that computer or virtual image.

You should also disable scripting in your web browser. Client side scripting is a something that has been highly exploitable. It basically allows code to run on your local machine and you don’t even know what is running.

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