Cybercriminals and Small Business

I have found that most small business is lax on security and cybercriminals are starting to target them.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, a company Called Lifestyle Forms & Displays Inc. had 1.2 million dollars stolen in a matter of a few hours from online transactions. An interesting static from the Verizon Communications Forensic analysis report is that 72% of the 855 data security breaches that Verizon analyzed had fewer than 100 employees. Another interesting stat is 500 companies of various sizes, 76% of them reported some sort of cyber security incident.

Small Business cannot ignore network security; they are just as targeted and more vulnerable than larger companies their size.

I have listed some steps that every small business owner should consider

  • Purchase a good firewall  with URL filtering and also threat production – Your firewall should      prevent access to spyware and malware sites. It should also review the web traffic and look for suspicious content.
  • Anti-Virus – All Computers   need to make sure that they have an updated Virus scanner that is scanning  the computer for threats


  • Dedicate a Computer to online banking. – If you do online banking, have a computer dedicated to  doing only that. Do not use it to browse the internet for research or even  open email on it. It will help from getting garbage on that computer.


  • Purchase an Insurance  Policy – Most banks will not cover you for a loss such as this. That is  something that insurance is for. You can purchase polices for computer fraud. They are not cheap, but worth it if you need it.


  • Put in controls to     transfer money – If it is a large sum of money being transferred, have some sort of control to transfer it, such as approval from 2 different      people or a phone call form an authorized person.

You should do a review and see if your company is following some of these security best practices.

I do offer some managed security services that can help you prevent a loss such as this. My managed firewall service is like an insurance program. I can help keep the bad guys out and also offer advice on how to better secure your network.  Just send us an email or give us a call.


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