Back and Disaster Recovery

Recently I have had a few instances where a good backup or snapshot saved me or my clients. It got me to thinking, how many people still go with untested or use old technology to backup

their data?

The first instance is someone powered off the SAN and the VMware environment. When it came backup the critical server that was running their business did not boot. They attempted to go back to an early snapshot and it was also corrupted. They were taking hourly snapshots, so the snapshot at 8 am worked and they were back up and running. They were lucky, I think it had been quite some time since they verified their backup and they could have had some large data loss. Make sure you are verifying your backups are working.

The second instance was a SAN where a RAID card corrupted. This took down about 10 servers, most of the servers where redundant elsewhere, but email was down as the redundant copy had an issue. They again where able to restore and have the majority of the environment up and running fairly quickly. They also had 2 different types of backups to go back to.

Both of these cases the clients used very good products that saved them from having data losses among other things. My question, is do you trust your backup? When is the last time you did a restore from your backup system? Do you have more than one method for recovery? Are you still using tape? Do you have a way for fast recovery?

If you cannot answer these questions, you should be worried. They are fundamental items needed for a successful back and recovery in case of a disaster.

We at TBJ provide backup audits and can help with your disaster recovery plans. We can also manage your backups for you. Call me at 262-373-9070.

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