TBJ Defigo Firewall Service

We at TBJ have just launched the TBJ Defigo firewall service. I have launched this service because I see such a need for good network security and most do not provide a great service. I have taken all of my experience installing corporate firewall’s and created a very cost effective great service.

If you would like to find out more about this service, email me at james@tbjconsulting.com or call 262-373-9070.

The service has the following features.


·        On Demand Reporting VIA a Secure Portal


·        Virus and Threat Prevention


·        Website URL Filtering


·        Active Directory Integration


·        VPN support for Windows, MAC OS, IPADS


·        Weekly Reports


·        24/7 monitoring


·        Blocking of Latest Internet Attacks


·        Configuration Backup and Archiving


·        All Add/moves Changes included in the price


·        Includes a harden Firewall appliance


·        Online on-demand reporting available


·        Yearly External Security Assessment

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