Posting Pictures on Facebook or the Internet

With most phones and tablets having a camera built into it, taking photos and posting them to the Internet is easy, but it does pose a risk.

Most devices have a GPS built into them and can embed the GPS location of the photo.

Images often contain a bundle of information and various traces left by digital cameras or photo manipulation software.

This data, called Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF), is a key tool for many professionals. It can detail whether the photographer used a flash, which digital effects were applied to a picture and when the photo was taken.

Most gadgets ignore the geotagging component of EXIF because relatively few cameras contain the GPS chips needed to tag them. However, many smartphones, such as those from Apple and Google’s Android system, let users employ this feature.

If you are using one of these devices, make sure you disable the GEO tagging. It could make it very easy for a criminal to find your house or to track where you are….

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