Backups are Important

Recently, I had a laptop crash and I needed to restore some data. I made a decision to use an automated online backup product and I was not disappointed.

I have attempted in the past to use an external hard drive and other backup methods, but the issue is I need to take some action. I was not always the best with backups.

I decided to try a tool that offers a Cloud based hard drive and also the ability to back up the data on my machine. The product is cloud drive from Rackspace.

I have been very happy with it. The backups work great and I can restore up to 90 days’ worth f previous versions. I can also share documents between computers and tablets.

The best part is after my Hard drive crash, I was able to restore my data and be up and running in a very quick fashion.

If you have mobile users and are looking for a backup solution, this one works very well.


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