Public WIFI

I just got back from a very good SANS seminar last month. Thetraining I attended was a class on ethical hacking.

One of the items we did was become what is called a man inthe middle. We had a piece of software and we tricked the client into thinkingall of the network traffic routed through the laptop. It was scary how easy itwas.

It also got me thinking about how easy it would be forsomeone to sit in a Starbucks or a hotel and grab passwords. Once they are inthe middle of your traffic, they can run tools to decode what you are sending.

If you are going to use Public WIFI, do not do anythingbanking or you would not want someone to have. In fact, if you travelfrequently, I would suggest purchasing a Verizon AIR card.

Remember, a public network is a public network and shouldnot be used for any time of banking or for transferring sensitive information.

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