April 2012

Vulnerability Testing / Ethical Hacking

[dropcap] I [/dropcap]n March, I attended a class on ethical hacking offered by SANS. This class was very interesting and I learned a bunch of new tools and tricks.

What the class did show me is how easy it is to hack into a network if someone wants to. The first lesson I took away is you need to be just as concerned about your internal security as your external security. It is much easier to attack an internal network than an external network. You do not have a firewall protecting your access. You should put guests on separate networks with limited access.

I also was reminded why you should not use a public WIFI network. It is very easy for someone to become the default gateway and perform a man in the middle attack.  Once someone has become the man in the middle, you are at a great risk for having your passwords compromised. Do not do anything banking or security related over public WIFI.

I also have become one step closer to becoming a certified ethical hacker. If you need someone to preform vulnerability testing, please give me a call.


Tech Tip of the Month

Most people perform operating system patches, but forget about application patching. Some of the Applications (Adobe, Java) have some very large security bugs. These bugs can be avoided by simply patching them when updates come out. So along with your operating system, don’t forget to update those applications also.


New Gadget of the Month Kindle Fire

I have been using the Kindle fire for about 4 months and I really like the device. If you want a good device to read books on and have simple internet browsing, this device works very well. It also can run applications such as Facebook, angry birds and numerous other applications. You can also run Netflix on it. You can also get movies from the Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime is $79 dollars a year and gives you free 2 day shipping along with access to the movie library at Amazon. You also get to loan a book from the Kindle Library. If you are looking for a tablet that is inexpensive and very useful, the Kindle might be the one for you.


Client Referral

TBJ Consulting is looking for a few good clients and has a referral program. If you refer a client to TBJ consulting and it turns into a meeting, you will be eligible for a Free IPAD. We will enter you into a drawing to receive a free IPAD 3. For more information about this program check here. Or contact me at james@tbjconsulting.com or 262.373.9070


Managed Security Service

TBJ consulting offers a managed security service. With this service you get peace of mind that your network security is taken care of. We place a device on your network that we manage remotely. We configure the device to help prevent viruses and threats from making it onto your network. We also include some web filtering to keep good employees from going to bad places. The cost of this service is $200 dollars a month and includes the device and all management of the device. A yearly vulnerability scan is also included in the price.


New Vendor Partner: Nimble Storage

One of the things my clients ask for is a good storage device. I have found a good solution from Nimble Storage. They offer a device that is easy to configure and offers some nice features. Some of these features are compression of the storage, thin snapshot technology, ability to have up to 90 days of backup on the SAN and numerous additional features. Contact us at TBJ for more information about this solution.


Final Thought of the Month – Kids and the Internet

At the SANS conference I went to, one of the presentations was KIDS and the Internet. They have some very good advice that I wanted to share with you along with my own.

The first thing you should do is dedicated a computer to your children if you can. They click on so many things they might install spyware on your machine. That is something you would like to avoid.

You should also have rules posted by the computer. This sounds simple, but is effective. You should also limit how much time they use the Internet. I think 1 or 2 hours during the week is good.

You should also look at www.opendns.org and set your DNS to open DNS. They can offer some basic free web filtering. You can also sign up for a free service that allows you to control websites by categories. You can help keep Kids safe and away from bad sites and also spyware sites.

If your children use Facebook, you should have their password to check out what they are posting or at least be their friends. Asking Kids for passwords all the time gives them the sense that it is ok to allow sharing of their password.

You want to guide your children on what is good and what is not on the Internet. Children are fearless and figure things out quickly, you need to be there to guide them.

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