Verizon 4G Cards and Fortinet Firewall’s

I recently worked on a project where we had to get a VPNtunnel up and running quickly for a client for a new office. They could not getInternet or any other type of connection.

To meet their needs, we purchased some Fortigate 60Cappliances and a ULM290 4G card. After configuring it, we tested the upload anddownload speed and it was very good. 10MB Up and 5 MB down.

We shipped it to the remote office and discovered that theVerizon network in the area dropped out about 3 time’s day. The connectionworks great besides those nasty drop outs.

What is the point of this blog post???? Well, the first ismake sure you test a configuration like this in the area of the country it isgoing to be placed into to ensure that it will work correctly. Second, it iscool that you can put a 4G air card in a Fortinet and have a dynamic VPNTunnel. It will work great in a backup environment and it will also work wellif you need a connection.

Just remember to test your connection first.

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