IPAD2 Video

This is a little off topic from most of my posts but I believeit is relevant. Both of my daughters are in a club basketball program and Icoach one of them. That makes it so most weekends I am unable to see my youngerdaughters game. My wife, using our IPAD2 was able to record the game andallowed me to watch it. I was surprised at the quality.

Since I am an assistant coach, I figured it would work wellto also record the team I coach. We recorded the game and were then able toconnect it to a project to have the team watch. It was very easy and useful.Finally, you can also get the video off of the IPAD and create DVD’s with anAPP called IMOVIE. The IPAD is becoming more useful than just a tool that runsapps.

Anyway, the video recorder in the IPAD is very usefully ,you do not need to go and purchase an advanced video recorder. Find out more about it here.

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