February 2012

Vendors with Bad Service? Why??

[dropcap] O [/dropcap]ne of the things I have been running into is clients who have projects that in danger of failing because of utilizing a vendor that does not provide good service. I wanted to provide a few tips that will hopefully help you avoid this trouble.

  • Ask for references – make sure that you talk to someone to make sure that they have completed a project like this. Ask for companies of similar sizes that they have completed work like this.
  • Do they have project plan – If you have never used them before, make sure they have a project plan that makes sense
  • Avoid Bait and Switch – Did they send the top engineer out only to have a second level engineer to work with you and is calling the senior engineer. Make sure you have an understanding of which you are working with and request the same person start to finish.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest price – This is very important, the cheapest price will more than likely get you the cheapest service. They have a reason they have a cheap price.
  • Ask for some sort of guarantee – Make sure that they will guarantee that the project will be completed correctly and without major outages.
  • Don’t tolerate multiple mistakes – If they keep making mistakes, that is a huge flag that something is up and they might not have a clue on what they are doing.
  • Communication – This is the most important point. If they cannot communicate with you, then they provide no value. How do you expect them to clearly communicate mistakes or critical project items to you?
  • Do they tell you what the know – A sign of a good consultant is someone who can admit their strengths and weaknesses.

What I do not understand is how service that is inferior can be tolerated for months if not years. Most should demand a good level of service. Otherwise, you will face downtime or a failed project. Consultants are not slaves and at times failed projects are because of crazy clients, but most times that is not the case.

A goal of any good consultant is to put you in position to be successful. That is always our goal at TBJ Consulting. We have been doing IT projects and services for over 15 years and most if not all of our projects are successful.  Call us at 262-373-9070 to let us help you run a successful project.

Client Referral

TBJ Consulting is looking for a few good clients and has a referral program. If you refer a client to TBJ consulting and it turns into a meeting, you will be eligible for a Free IPAD. We will enter you into a drawing to receive a free IPAD 2. For more information about this program check here. Or contact me at james@tbjconsulting.com or 262.373.9070

Captain Security

TBJ Consulting has a superhero, Captain Security. Caption Security uses his TBJ security shield to help protect against online attacks.  Currently, captain security is featured in our Security Tips. An upcoming newsletter will feature the creation and adventures of Captain Security.
Tech Tip of the Month

I am sending out a weekly security tech tip. I will send out tips such as creating a secure password and how to better secure your environment

If you would like to get this tip, sign up right here.


New Gadget of the Month

I have been finding that my 16GB IPAD at times does not have enough storage for all of my music and also other items. I found a device to solve this problem. It is a Seagate GoFlex Satellite Network Drive. You can sync your Videos and movies to it, you then have your IPAD or Droid device connect to it and you can stream your music or video’s to it. You need to download an APP to connect to the device. This will be very useful on trips (which I will be taking with my KIDs next month). Anyway I recommend this device if you are looking for more storage for your IPAD. You can find out about the device here.

Vendor Highlight of the Month – Juniper

I have been working with Juniper for about 9 years and I really like the product line they offer.  One of my favorites that my clients seem to enjoy is the switching line they offer. It is called the EX series of switches. They offer models from the EX2200 to the EX8200. The EX2200 comes in a 24 ports or 48 port switch that includes full POE on all ports and all ports are line rate, meaning every port has the ability to have full 1 GB of throughput, not shared with other ports. It also has a nice interface.

The EX3200 adds the ability for a swappable power supply and also the ability to support 10Gb uplinks.

The EX4200 series of switches can be configured in what is called a virtual chassis. A Virtual Chassis allows the ability to stack up to 10 Switches together and manage them as one. It also supports advanced routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, etc.

Finally, the EX4500 has 40 ports of 1GB or 10GB. All of the 10GB is line rate and is a great 10GB switch. I have sold and implemented numerous designs that incorporate this switch and the results have been great.

The other item I really like is that maintenance is very inexpensive compared to most other vendors. You can get support at an affordable rate and keep your expense budget in check.

It also has a great Web Interface that allows for easy management of the switch. If you are interested in Juniper switches, email me at james@tbjconsulting.com or call me at 262-363-9070

New Vendor Partner,  Unitrends

One of the largest needs my clients have is backups. Most backup software is difficult to use or has a host cost to maintain. In my search for a good solution, I have picked Unitrends as the TBJ Consulting backup vendor of choice. It has the ability to backup over 60 different operating systems and it does not charge a per client license. You can backup MAC computers, Windows Servers, VMWARE servers and numerous other devices. It is a disk based  backup system, so you do not have a need for Hard drives. Finally, the recover console is very easy to use. TBJ consulting can also manage the backups for you if needed.

Upcoming Events

April 2012
Palo Alto Lunch and Learn at Maggiano’s Little Italy 2500 North Mayfair Road Wauwatosa, WI 53226

TBJ consulting along with Palo Alto will host an event discussing how to secure your Datacenter with Palo Alto firewalls. Find out what companies are doing to secure the datacenter from threats and attacks. Also how to help protect your datacenter from the bring your own device movement.

Please sign up at TBJtechEvents.com


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