Internet Redundancy

These days, the Internet is becoming very critical tobusinesses. Have you thought about how much your business is impacted with anInternet outage? How many of your applications are hosted in the cloud.

In the past large companies with deep pockets had theability to contract with multiple provides to get redundant Internetconnections using a routing Protocol called BGP. This works very well but isvery pricey. These days you do not have togo to that expense.

Some of the firewalls such as Fortinet, Palo Alto and othershave the ability to take a second Internet connection right on the box. You canpurchase an inexpensive DSL or cable connection and configure redundancy righton the appliance. It is very cheap and very simple. The typical investment isaround $100 dollars a month plus consulting time to configure the redundancy.

You can also plug a cellular 3 or 4G card into certain firewallsand provide redundancy that way.

If you are looking at cloud computing, you should have atleast 2 Internet connections in case you have an outage. If your email,accounting and various other applications are hosted, this will allow you tocontinue being productive and allow time for the Internet connection to berepaired.

You should also consider obtaining different Internet Circuittypes. For example a DSL and a Cable Modem. The reason for doing this is youwill have diversity of providers and physical cable medium. If you obtain aconnection from the same provider or physical cable type, you risk a big outageif both of the connections go down.

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