Configuration Backups for Your Network Equipment

Equipment Backups

Do you backup your network equipment? Be honest withyourself. At least once a year I receive a call from a client that has notbacked up their configurations and asks if I have a copy. It is never a good situation.


This is a very simple problem to solve. A few years back, Idiscovered a great inexpensive product to backup the configurations call Cat Tools.It was from a company called KIWI, but was purchased by Solarwinds. The cost isaround $750 dollars and it can provide a nightly backup of all of your network equipment.It can even provide a change report of what items have changed.

The second option you have is you can outsource it tosomeone else. We at TBJ Consulting can provide this service along with somenetwork monitoring. We can provide network and error statics and nightlyreports of what devices have been backed up.

If you are interested in this service, email or call 262-373-9070.

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