Juniper EX Series of Switches

Over the past few years, we have been recommending andselling Juniper EX series of switches. In this post I am going to discuss someof the items I like with this Switch line.


Juniper has a very full functioning WEBUI, you do not haveto use the command line if you do not want to. It is very easy to use and intuitive.You can change routing, VLANS, configure switch ports and do all of y ourmonitoring from this one location.

Roll Back and Compare   

Juniper has an operating system called JUNOS and it has somevery nice command line features. The first is it keeps the last 50configurations available so you can rollback. You can even do what is called acommit-confirm where if you do not confirm the commit, it will roll backchanges that you have made. You can also compare your configurations with thiscommand.

Full Line Rate Ports

Most of the switches they sell offer line rate speed on allports. Some switch manufactures oversubscribe the back plane on their switches.You get what is called oversubscription and risk having dropped packets. Eventhe lowest model of switch offers line rate, something most other manufacturesdo not provide.

Maintenance Costs

Juniper offers some great maintenance programs that willkeep your expense budget in check. They offer a great program that gives you24x7 support and all software updates and allows you to replace a switch incase of a failure.  It makes sense tohave an onsite spare with this program and will save you money over otherleading manufactures.


Juniper also seems to be very innovative. They are sellingand supporting something called QFABRIC. QFABRIC is a next generation switchingproduct that eliminates some of the design flaws of the current switchingworld. It is very unique and I believe a game changer


I could talk all day about some of the great features thisswitch provides. They are a great vendor with a great product.
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