Cloud Computing

I just started another company, TBJ consulting and my goal when starting it was to see if I could start a company using entirely cloud computing. The answer is I was able to do it.

The first thing I needed to do was establish a domain name. I did this with go daddy. It was cheap and simple.

The next thing I needed to do was establish email. With Microsoft Office Live 365, I was able to do this in about 1 hour. I needed to add a few entries into the go daddy DNS, once I did this, I was able to create accounts and send and receive email. It also came with Lynx client for remote meetings and support, which is a very cool feature. The cost was also incredible. I think I am paying about $12 dollars a month for 2 users.

The next thing I needed to do was establish some sort of backup system. I do not like leaving a laptop on and using some sort of USB drive, it requires the laptop to be on and for me to do it. I am a busy person and backups are always on the bottom of my list and my data is not all that important. But, I should still do regular backups.

I found cloud drive from Rackspace. Cloud drive offers me a few nice services. The first is to provide a file share that is cloud based and I could share with others and set permissions if I need. The second thing it allows me to do is a backup and an incremental backup daily. If I miss a backup, it will start the next time I am online. I believe this are using Jungle Disk Work group for this. It is a very cool feature that works well.

In the IT services business a piece of software called PSA (Professional Services Automation) is something that is very important. I was also able to purchase this in the cloud also. The price was also very cheap, around $130 dollars a month. The last time I purchased this software it as $10,000 dollars along with purchasing a server, a Windows 2003 operating system and Microsoft SQL server. We also had to maintain that server and update it. I no longer had to do that. It was also configured within a week and all I had to do was configure the software. It also worked well with Microsoft Office Live 365.

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