Starting a New Company

This is my first post as TBJ Consulting. I sold my old Business JSO Technology LLC and started a new one called TBJ Counsulting.

I must say it is much easier the second time to start a business, you have a good idea on what needs to be completed. It about 3 hours I had the forums with the state filed, a domain name picked, email working a Federal Tax ID and a Duns & Bradstreet Number. I also got a Wisconsin Sales & Use TAX ID.

It is amazing how much faster it goes when you have an idea on what is going on.

With this new business, I also want to take some time and decide where I want to take it. The last business I started was successful and ended up being an MMAC future 50 business winner.

I have a few things I would like to do different this time and make sure I enjoy it a bit. Anyway, I forgot how fun it is to be a start-up again. Applying for credit, planning for new idea’s etc.

This time I am going to sit down and write up a business plan, which I did not do last time.

Finally, I am seeing how much of cloud services I can use. So far I have no servers and I would like to keep it that way. I have Office Live 365, which is a very cool and easy to use solution. I also have hosted Connectwise, which is nice to not have to worry about maintaining a server.

I am also going to checkout the cloud drive service from

Anyway, on to bigger and better things.

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