Blog Reboot

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more consistent with blogging in 2020 and to redesign the TBJ Website to support that effort. I can check one resolution off of my list as I have completed the website redesign. I will judge how I did blogging at the end of 2020. The TBJ […]

Block Files Extensions On The Firewall

Block Files Extensions On The Firewall An easy win to help prevent malware, spyware and crypto ware into your environment is blocking dangerous file extension on your firewall. Most modern firewalls offer the ability to block file extensions. Most modern firewalls offer the ability to create a list of file extensions you do not want […]

IT Security Focusing On What’s Important

If you are like most in the information technology (IT) security field, you are inundated with alerts, systems that need patching and investigating bogus emails. To be successful, you need to have a hyper focus on what’s important. Patching When you perform vulnerability scans and you manage a large number of systems, you are not […]

Monthly Security Patching is Important

One of the most important items you can perform on your systems is monthly patching. In the past year most of the vulnerabilities that have been exploited could have been avoided with a proper patch management program. What is a proper patch management program? I will list it below. 1. Have a tool to patch […]

Desktop Firewall

With the various threats and hackings going on these days, you should really enable your desktop firewall. While the desktop firewall will not protect you from everything, it is another layer of security to help better protect yourself. Computer security is much like protecting a castle – the more defenses you have, the better off […]

January 2015

[anchor name=”resolutions”] New Year’s Security Resolutions It was a year of security breaches and incidents in 2014. The start of this year is good for goals and resolutions, so here is a short list of some security resolutions for 2015. 1. Password Security – This is still one of the most vulnerable parts of your […]